Battle#2 Resist- Four Battles Everyman Must Fight Series

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Date: September 17, 2020


  1. I’ve learned so much being a part of MDN for over 2 years. Pastors Scott and Gary, the gathering at Smithtown Tabernacle, at Assembly of God in Bellmore, at Church on the Rock. I’ve been praying a lot about expectations and reducing mine after one of Pastor Scott’s lessons. I heard the Resist from Pastor Gary live 9/17 then watched with my wife and now just watched again solo. I’ve sent details to almost 10 people suggesting how they can access this to listen to Pastor Gary. To me this is THE most powerful testimony that God and Jesus are living forces in a class by itself. I’m praying that some of the 10 will make the effort to watch and also that I won’t let my expectations reduce my gratitude to the great I Am (Dennis Prager). Thank God for MDN, for my brothers and their testimonies which reduces any struggle I have . Special thanks to pastors Scott and Gary and special praise to pastor Gary for sharing Mathew’s story. I’m numb every time I listen to this. Amen to the men of God.

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