Three Reasons Men Fail In Their Personal Time With God

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Lonnie Berger, another author said: “Three reasons men fail in their personal time was God is number one – No one ever taught them. Number two, they don’t understand they’re in battle with a spiritual enemy – Satan. And number three, he says the same thing. Men have no one to hold them accountable. What does that mean? Men have no one to hold them accountable?

You’re not meeting with a group of guys seven to ten, every seven to ten days. Maybe asking, Phil, how’s things at the house? Family Time. Phil, how’s things in church? Have you been OK with church? Now, I understand this is church. For some I understand you have house churches. But church is a gathering of everyone. Church is the easiest way you could spread the word in your family to your wife and children.

Now, if you don’t have a brother asking, there’s almost a 99% chance his personal time is going to fade. We need a reminder first. We need gentle reminder, then we need consistent reminder. And that’s why men fail in their time.

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