All you need to do is ask

Pastor Scott brings a poweful message on what it means to ask the lord for guidance and instruction.

God will not do for a man that which he wants to do with a man. And we want to be the man God guides, don’t we? But here’s the beautiful part of it. Right before. Right before the Holy Spirit breaks in and says, I will instruct you, I will teach you, I will guide you in your life. David says it to the Lord, he says, You are my hiding place.

You protect me from trouble. You surround me with joyful shouts of deliverance. You see, man of God, that’s just what Jesus did. See, Jesus came to instruct you. Jesus came to teach you. Jesus came to guide you. The message of Jesus is the same message of the Old Testament. Jesus just made it clearer as He demonstrated God’s love on the cross saying, I love you. I am concerned about you. I will counsel you with my eye upon you. All you have to do is ask me. You see, we have perfect access. No matter how unworthy, no matter how much regret, no matter how much guilt, still lingers in our life, on the fringes of our faith. No matter how much God is your hiding place.

Because the beginning of Psalm 32, David says, “When your hand was heavy upon me, as when I did not confess my sin.” And when David…see confessing your sin isn’t so, God could go, okay, I forgive you. No confessing your sin is that you can enter in and where you know you’re missing the mark, you’re imperfect and you can move into the perfect because of the cross. You have the access. Because of the cross you have instructions on how to live. Because of the cross. God is with you and will guide you with His loving eye upon you. Because if He did it at the cross, he’ll do it in your life.

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