Knowing the Truth: Is the Bible True?

Knowing the Truth: Is the Bible True?

Everyone wants to know the truth but does everyone want to know the truth about the Bible? Let’s take a look about “Is the Bible true?”. When the authenticity of a writing is mentioned people look to the scientific proof of that written artifact and who wrote it.

Let’s look at some manuscripts that is proven and used in our culture. The chart below shows the following writings, their authors and the date range of when it was written.

Is the Bible True?  Scientific Evidence validating the Bible, historical findings of Biblical manuscripts
Evidence for Biblical Authenticity

A manuscript is something that is found by, or an archaeological team that digs up artifacts from the past. We know that a manuscript is what was written years ago in history, and it may be a copy of the original.
Now I want to show you something here. This chart has an example of Julius Caesar up in the top row written in 100 to 44 BC. He wrote words that is still talked about today in college and philosophy.
They found 10 manuscripts about 900+ years after he lived, which is about a 1,000 years time span between the discovery and when he wrote it, thus verifying that what he wrote was accurate.

Let’s take a look at the “New Testament” from our Bible. Your New Testament was written in 40 to 100 AD. They started digging up confirmation on every single piece of the New Testament from 125 AD.
Today, they’ve found 24,000 documents, pieces, parchments, and if you take these documents and including the Dead Sea scrolls, do you know what the difference is between your Bible and these documents?

2% Difference

There’s a 2% difference if you bring everything together and see if it agrees.
Can you wrap your mind around this that there’s a 2% difference?
And the 2%, are you ready for this, has nothing to do with the meaning of the verse.
It has to do with grammatical corrections. It has to do with nuances in our grammar, so to speak, in our English language, periods, commas, and the like which I could show you at a different time.
I want you to sit on this for a second. This is what you and I have a rough time believing.
The scientific evidence shows this that the Bible is True and so much more reliable and truthful than anything else.

Want to hear more on “Is the Bible True?”… let’s go to the bible study onSmashing Unbelief“.

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