The Mission-Driven Man

Set Free to Live Free


The Two-Man Team Set

This set was designed for you to give one booklet to a friend or mentor to go through these teachings together. Because discipleship should never be done alone. 

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For Churches & Small Groups

Growing in our faith is more than just praying and reading our Bible more. The Mission-Driven Man was designed to help men break free from lies and cultivate a healthy spiritual life.

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"The [MDN] curriculum is a great tool to disciple men that I am going to use in our church."

-Mariano Rivera, Baseball Hall-of-Fame - New York Yankee - 5-Time World Champion


Men’s pastor Scott Caesar has prepared hours of high-impact, grace-filled training that will challenge you, inspire you, and teach you how to successfully fight the good fight of faith. The series is Christ-centered, filled with Scripture to learn from, and is designed to experience in community with other men. As you participate in this study, you will learn how to “live free and stay free” through the Word of God.

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“The MDN curriculum changed my life. It is a powerful tool that will deliver men and help them to be set free forever! I recommend they pick up this curriculum.” 

- Darryl Strawberry, MLB Baseball Star


The Mission-Driven Man Helps Men...

  1. Identify society's lies and replace them with God's truth.
  2. Develop Christ-like habits and rhythms.
  3. Receive Christ's freedom with other men. 
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Your Curriculum Kit includes five (5) full color, 113 page participant manuals and digital access to 8 epic sessions with over 5 hours of downloadable video and separate audio files for listening while driving. It also includes two (2) promo brochures and two (2) 11"x17" promo posters. The MDM Participant Guide and videos help men take their freedom to the next level with these compelling topics:

  • Operation Freedom: Set Free to Live Free
  • The Steal-th Conspiracy: Guarding Your Heart
  • Pick up Your Sword: The Power of Four
  • A Man of Order in a World of Chaos: The Family Mission
  • S.E.A.L. Team: A Band of Brothers
  • Code of Honor: How to Build Brotherhood
  • Voices Men Hear and the Orphan Heart
  • The Language of Sonship: Spoken by a Father, Understood by a Son.

Looking to use Mission-Driven Man
for your church or small men's group?


The Mission-Driven Man
Curriculum Kit for Groups

  1. Unlimited streaming video access.
  2. Audio & Video Downloads.
  3. Five (5) Participant Manuals.
  4. Two (2) Promo Brochures.
  5. Two (2) 11" x 17" Promo Posters.


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The Mission-Driven Man
Participant Manual

The video curriculum is tightly integrated with the attractive, 113 page, content rich participant manual required for each man. Click the button below to see the different size packs you can use for your group. 

$14.99 each

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