The MDN System of Male Discipleship 


Biblical truth and training  Systematized For Success


MDN Curriculum

Inspired by Scripture and Taught by You, MDN Curriculum provides powerful, engaging content for the pastor or men's leader to train and disciple men. The curriculum includes training videos to assist the men's leader to prepare for each life changing session.

Leadership Training

MDN provides leadership training that helps pastors/men’s leaders understand how men learn, and to teach men to teach men. This one day conference allows the pastor and/or core leaders to teach and minister to their men more effectively through challenging, but practical training through MDN curriculum. This system is designed to develop and raise up leaders.

Church Men

God has placed the mantle of leadership for the Church on men. The equipping of men is essential to the health, growth, and impact of the local body of Christ. The MDN system of male discipleship will assist men to grow into mature Biblical manhood.

Develop & Raise Up Leaders

As men of the local Church are equipped, they are raised up as leaders to come alongside the vision and mission of the Pastor. These men then learn to teach, train, and disciple other men, building sustainability in ministry to men in their church.