What Needs Re-Ordered In Your Life?

Check out this short powerful clip from last Thursday’s Bible Study.

Monday Morning Devotional: July 11, 2022

May I ask what may be a tough question? “Have you had the time to think about what areas in your life may be out of order?”

How often do we become so busy in our day-in and day-out routines that we forget to evaluate and examine the areas of our lives that are disordered?

There are many things we put before God. Maybe it’s sports or other hobbies. It may be the good things in our lives like our wife, our children, or even our careers. (Wait till you hear the next one)

The Apostle Paul alerts us to the most dangerous thing we can put in front of God. Yep enemy # 1. He says in Romans 1:25, “We have exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the creator.” And who is the creature we tend to worship the most? Ourselves. We tend to put ourselves on the throne of our hearts and replace what is supposed to be reserved for God.

Jesus tells us in Luke 14:33 that we must be able to give up everything we have to be his disciples. But this word give up can also mean renounce, and for our purposes, we’re saying, “We must re-order everything in our lives so that God is first.” Only then are we being true disciples. And out of that re-ordering our love and service to our families, and friends, and work will flow.

Brothers, as you begin this next week, I want to challenge you to take some time and think about what may be disordered in your life.

Here’s a practical way to go about this:

  • Take a minute to get comfortable and take a few deep breaths.
  • Allow yourself to experience the quietness and presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Ask what areas of your life need re-ordering so that you can exchange the lie for the truth.
  • Pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and guidance on how to re-order the disorder.

Love you guys more than you know!
Your brother,
Scott Caesar


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