Who Is The Biggest Idol In Your Life?

Check out this short powerful clip from last Thursday’s Bible Study.

Here’s The Transcript From The Video Above

I remember sitting in a room with other men listening to my father sing the praise of his only son. Me …. It was like sweet music to my ears as dad loved me, but rarely ever told me, if you know what I mean. It was due to some business success at a fairly young age as I was a bit of an overachiever.

After I thanked him for his life lessons. He replied, “No guys it’s not me, Scott is a self-made man.” Boy did that feel good, as he affirmed my ego, pride, my disordered love, and my idol… me.

Well, as you may guess, the blessing of his words wore off a lot quicker than engraving on an old statue. What a blessing it was to receive. What a curse to actually believe. Why? Because, self-made men worship man-made idols. My motive and pursuit of Christ was always for the good life as defined by Scott not the great life as defined by God. I kind of used the author of the great life to pursue the good life.

Talk about dis-ordered living.

Man of God my dis-ordered loves first became my identity my worth before my idolatry….and unfortunately…

when a man is out of order

His family is misplaced.

His purpose displaced.

And God is replaced.


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