How To Develop Your Devotional Family Time

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You see, you experience the Word of God by trying to the extent that your children, grandchildren and wife allow you to you can’t force this. They allow you to minister to them. And when you get frustrated, allow you to. It’s the Holy Spirit. If you’re not praying over them before you engage them. Dr. Cole taught me, Scotty, you should never speak to men until you pray for them.

You should never instruct your children or speak to your wife about God till you speak to God about your children and wife. That makes sense. Yes. Yeah. We need to speak to God first, because it’s. It’s it’s him. Now, pull your family together for devotion time. I started this when the children were young, and it was a comedy at some times as they pull for Disney over devotion, you know?

And it works sometimes. There’s no set pattern except the father’s heart. The father’s heart. You engage, and you watch the Holy Spirit work. Don’t force it. Don’t get frustrated.

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